LEADS Data Sharing Committee


Liana Apostolova, MD

LEADS PI, Administrative and Clinical Core Leader

Communications Chair

Stephen Hall, PhD

Alzheimer Association

Standing Members

Karen Crawford, MLIS

Informatics Core Manager

Bradford Dickerson, MD

LEADS PI, MRI Core Leader

Ani Eloyan, PhD

Biostatistics Core Leader

Gil Rabinovici, MD

LEADS PI, PET Core Leader

Rema Raman

Director of Biostatistics, Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute (ATRI)

Heather Snyder, PhD

Alzheimer Association

Ad Hoc Members

Anne Fagan, PhD

Genetics & Biorepository Core Co-Leader

Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Genetics & Biorepository Core Leader

Melissa Murray, PhD

Pathology Core Leader

Robert Koeppe, PhD

PET Core Co-Leader

Prashanti Vemuri, PhD

MRI Core Co-Leader

David Wolk

Site PI (University of Pennsylvania)

Thomas Wingo, MD, PhD

Site PI (Emory) and Genetics & Biorepository Core Leader Co-Investigator